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Removing an Orphaned Hyper-V Host from SCVMM

We were unable to remove one of our Hyper-V hosts from SCVMM as it would throw an error stating that SCVMM was unable to communicate with the Hyper-V host . We had reinstalled the Hyper-V Server without removing it from SCVMM before the re-installation process. This left an orphaned Hyper-V host on the SCVMM .

Google search led me to a Technet post which suggested to use ” -Force ” switch using the Power Shell option available in SCVMM and Voila !! We were able to remove the host from SCVMM , Finally !!

Steps are pretty straight forward :

Login to SCVMM

Click on the Power Shell icon available on the top of the screen and use the below mentioned command

Get-vmhost Hyper-V Hostname| remove-vmhost –force “

Please note that the above command can be used when we do not remember the Credentials for the host as well as in scenarios where the SCVMM and Host are unable to communicate. When we  use  the Force parameter, VMM does not prompt for or check credentials, and VMM does not attempt to connect to the host and uninstall the VMM agent .

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