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RV Tools Updated

Rob de Veij has done it again . RV Tool , the Number 1 free tool for ESX , has been updated again with some cool features and a new version 2.9.5 can be downloaded from here.

Some of the additional features that has been added in the latest release are :

  • On vInfo tab new field: Guest heartbeat status. The heartbeat status is classified as:  gray – VMware Tools are not installed or not running, red – no heartbeat, guest operating system may have stopped responding. yellow – intermittent heartbeat, may be due to guest load. green – guest operating system is responding normally
  • On vMemory tab new fields: Ballooned memory, consumed overhead memory, private memory, shared memory, swapped memory and static memory entitlement

  • On vDatastore tab new field: Full device address (controller, target, device)
  • On vInfo tab new fields: committed storage, uncommitted storage and unshared storage

And some bug fixes ,
  • A semicolon in the annotations fields are no longer a problem for the export functions
  • Health check “Zombie vmdk” problems solved
  • Health check “inconsistent foldername” problems solved
  • On vport tab the column “notify switch” value solved
  • Sort problem on vNic tab on column “speed” solved

In case you didn’t know about RV Tool , I have discussed on my previous post here.

  1. Karthikeyan Sundaram
    January 23, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    RV – Very good tool in generating reports but it will be better if its run as exe with installing. Few infra wont allow to install 3rd party apps

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