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Troubleshooting a Hyper-V VM struck at Starting during Boot-up

Post restart of a Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V Server which hosted some critical VMs , One of the VM went into Starting state . Basically the VM was struck in Starting status both in Hyper-V Manager as well as in SCVMM Console and the VM was not responding . Right Click on the VM didn’t help as the only options that was available were Connect,Rename,Settings & Help .

On investigating the event viewer of the Hyper-V Server , I identified  instances of vmms.exe crashing as shown below .

First , I tried restarting the Hyper-V Services but did not help my cause as the VM was still struck . Next tried to restart the server but still the VM was struck at Starting state post reboot. Some Googling  led me to this Microsoft KB that would help me fix this issue permanently but also found an alternative solution that would help . I logged into the Hyper-V Server and had a look at the task manager to see the status of the VM Worker Process .

As you see above ,  one of the vmwp.exe (Virtual Machine Worker Process ) process was using around 5K of Memory ( Private Working Set ) whereas other vmwp.exe was using 14K of Memory . Hoping that this might be the worker process for the VM that was struck , I tried killing the process so that i would be able to restart the VM but to my surprise , the frozen VM now automatically powered on itself !!

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