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Upgrading to vSphere 5

On July 12th, VMware announced vSphere 5 and vSphere was available for general download from August 24 2011. So, It’s time again for the Administrators to plan and upgrade the Virtual Environment to vSphere 5 . Thankfully though there are whole bunch of resources from VMware and the blogosphere on upgrading the virtual environment. In a series of posts , I would post my experience on upgrading to vSphere 5 – Prerequisites , Gotcha’s & Reference links.

One of the major changes from the previous upgrades is that of the hypervisor itself. As announced , ESXi has been Standardized and ESX version of the hypervisor has been discontinued. As far as Virtual Center is concerned , if you have not yet upgraded to vCenter 4.1 , Please remember that vCenter 5.0 can be installed on a 64 Bit system/OS only.If you are planning to upgrade from vCenter 4.0 , Please plan for upgrade & migration to a 64 bit system. Additionally , VMware has released a Linux based vCenter Virtual appliance that can be downloaded , configured and used as vCenter.

Please understand the licensing changes that has been made with vSphere 5 . Details of the licensing changes introduced with vSphere 5 can be found here.

vSphere Environment Upgrade is a multi-stage process and has to be carried out in a specified order :

Please remember that every environment is different and one has to carefully plan , test and upgrade the environment.
Links for understanding all the new features & capabilities of vSphere 5 can be found here.
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