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Storage Efficiency & Virtualization

Virtualization – To unleash the full benefits and capabilities of any Hypervisor in the Industry today,One of the key requirement is Storage. Storage plays a critical role in Virtualization and while lot of focus is on Big Data , We must not over-look the benefits & challenges of storage for Virtualization. While Storage is considered de-facto in many environments , there are still environments that do not use storage for their entire virtualization layout more so because of cost per GB than being ruled out of technical reasons.

Also in environments where there is wide-spread adoption of Storage for Virtualization , there are a lot of opportunities for increasing the efficiency of the Storage that is being used. VM Sprawls and Private Cloud set-up leads to large number of VMs being consumes in Organizations and while Hypervisor techniques can help handle the over-subscribed compute and memory, Storage Efficiency features at the array level would help you optimally use the back-end storage.

There are 4 critical opportunities available for Storage Efficiency. In a Series of posts , I will share my thoughts as an administrator on these key features , their benefits and pit-falls to watch out for.


Based on the Storage Vendor , the Storage efficiency features supported may vary along with the implementation methodology. But the opportunities for increasing the efficiency in back-end Storage used for Server Virtualization is immense and would recommend you all to try out ( In case you haven’t tried yet). Please do refer your Vendor’s documentation and understand the features supported and its implementation methodology. With Every technology, there is also going to be some pitfalls and please be sure to watch out for them and set-up mechanisms to avoid them.

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